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What is the Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League?  The Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League (TVYLL) is a developmental lacrosse league based in the Treasure Valley.  The goal of the league is to promote the game of lacrosse to all youth players regardless of experience. TVYLL is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers who have a passion for the game.

Overview of Lacrosse?  See the Lacrosse 101 Tab for a great primer and overview of lacrosse.

How are teams formed?  All teams are formed based on geographical area.  If there are enough players in one geographical area to create more than one team, the players will be placed onto teams to balance talent.  Each year we have new players coming into the league at all age levels as well as players moving from one age group to the next.  Because of the growth, the league cannot guarantee placement of players onto a selected team or with a selected coach.

Who can play?  Boys and girls 1st through 8th grade.
Age brackets are divided by grade; 8U (Grade 1-2), 10U (Grade 3-4), 12U (Grade 5-6) & 14U (Grade 7-8).


What gear do I need to play for boys? All of these items can be obtained either online or by going to a local Lacrosse store (LaxID is one that we regularly refer players to as their staff have been very helpful in helping new and experienced players find the correct gear)


Chest Protector

Elbow Pads



Mouth Piece

Protective Cup

Per the Idaho Sports Association guidelines, players that have reached high school (or equivalent) in that the players are in 9th grade, are not eligible to play in the youth league regardless of their date of birth.

Teams will be created by geographic location.  This allows players to begin to play with teams that are in your community.  

Spring lacrosse is the largest program offered by TVYLL.  Registration starts in October 30th, 2020 and continues February 5th, 2021.  Registration deadline is listed for each season on the registration page. 

Teams are formed in February with practice starting in late February/early March depending on weather. Games start after spring break for all age groups.   

Practices are scheduled by each coach during the week with games on Saturday's. Some divisions will have playoff and championship games following the final week of games.  The championships and consolation games are played on Saturday during Day of Lacrosse.


Fall lacrosse  

League play will consist of regular season games with playoff and Monster Mash End of Season tournament. 

Practices begin in early September and the season ends the Saturday before Halloween. 

Practices are scheduled by each coach during the week with games on Saturday's.

Summer/Winter lacrosse 

Boys: True Lacrosse Idaho offers club team offerings in the summer and winter.

When and how often are practices and games held?  Most coaches hold practice in the evenings to allow for parents to transport their players to the field (usually 5:00 to 6:00 start times).  Most weeks will consist of 2 evenings of practice and game play on Saturdays.  Toward the end of the season, some teams may play two games in a week.  


Pre-season: Coaches may have 3 regular practices and a 4th optional practice for skill building until games start, then we ask coaches to spend a maximum of three evenings a week with the team (practice or games) after games have started.

Where are the practices and games played at? 

The teams are assigned by age group and geographically.  Coaches usually find practice locations in the geographical area that the team is comprised from.  These include community parks and local schools.  Games are played at fields and parks throughout the treasure vally.  

Who will coach my team? 

Coaches are most likely parents of other players on the team or other members of the lacrosse community who are passionate about teaching young players.  The league provides coach training through the Positive Coaching Alliance for head coaches as well as providing lacrosse specific training to any parents who wish to take on the role of a team head coach or assistant coach.  If you are interested in volunteering to head or assistant coach, please contact the boy’s director (boysdirector@tvylax.com) or the girl’s director (email girlsdirector@tvylax.com) for more information or check those boxes during the registration process.


Coach/Player Request:

Q: How do I request a coach or to be on a team with another player?

A: Players are placed based upon school and geographic location. TVYLL does not allow coach or player requests. You may email with your request and the request will be taken into consideration, but there is no guarantee on placement.

How many games will be played? 

The number of games that are played depends on the season and age division your player is registered for.  The spring season generally consists of 8-10 games along with an end of season playoff and Day of Lacrosse game. Fall lacrosse is a shorter season with 6-8 games and a Monster Mash end of season fun tournament. 

Play-Up Request:

If you would like your child to play up in a division, please contact leaguedirector@tvylax.com for a Play-Up Request Form. Once the request is submitted, it will be presented to the TVYLL Board of Directors for approval. The player must be in the grade below the next division. For example, an 8U player must be in 2nd grade to be considered for the 10U Division. Previous coach input is also considered in this decision.

Note: If your request is approved, you will be responsible for paying any extra dues associated upon approval. Registration vary between the divisions.

What are the costs associated with playing youth lacrosse? 

The costs associated with playing lacrosse would be registration cost and equipment cost.  The equipment costs will vary depending on if you play girls or boys lacrosse. 

Girl’s lacrosse equipment:  Women’s game specific stick, eye guard, and mouth guard. 

Boy’s lacrosse equipment:  Men’s game specific stick, mouth guard, and a protective cup.  It is highly recommended that turf shoes or cleats be worn as well (no metal spikes). 

In addition to the above equipment, the boy’s game requires the following protective gear – helmet, gloves, arm guards, and shoulder pads.  

What is included in the registration fee? 

The registration fees will cover the cost of the league-sponsored games for the season –  fields, officials & game supplies.   The U.S. Lacrosse membership fee ($30) is separate, this covers a full year of US Lacrosse membership and insurance.  This fee includes membership, insurance, and a subscription to the organizations magazine. USL Membership is good for 12 months.  

What are the refund policies?  

The TVYLL Board hopes that everyone had a great summer and is excited for the upcoming fall season.  Our children's safety is our top priority, and we are closely monitoring the constantly changing status of COVID.  The TVYLL is proud to partner with USA Lacrosse and will follow their Return to Play Guidelines (Return to Play | US Lacrosse (usalacrosse.com)).  The TVYLL's Covid Action Plan can be found on our website under the "Documents" tab in the COVID-19 folder.  All players are required to have a signed US Lacrosse Covid Waiver on file before participating in practices or games.   Additionally, the TVYLL follows the CDC and Central District Health guidelines for quarantining when exposed to a COVID positive patient.  These are also available on our website and may be updated during the season if conditions change.

Fall 2021 Registration Refund Policy:


Due to Covid-19, the TVYLL Board of Directors have approved the following refund policy. This policy will be reviewed prior to every season and goes into effect for the Spring 2021 Lacrosse Season:

  • 100% registration fee refund: If TVYLL cancels the season before games have started
  • 50% registration fee refund: If TVYLL cancels the season halfway through the game schedule

‚ÄčNon Covid related refunds:

  • 100% registration fee refund if player cancels registration prior to games starting
  • No refund once games have started

Items not refundable: Jerseys/Uniforms

Sibling Discount:

A $10 discount is applied for siblings. For example, 2 out of 3 three children would receive the $10 discount on registration. The discount is applied at check out. 

Are there financial scholarships available?

YES! TVYLL offers financial assistance to ALL players in case of hardships.  Please contact info@tvylax.com for more information. All applications will be reviewed after the regular registration period ends. Only requests made during regular registration period will be eligible for this review.  

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League has a mandatory volunteer program starting Spring 2021. Each family will be required to make a $50 deposit at time of registration. If your family volunteers for 4 hours during the season, your $50 deposit will be returned or credited to your account. 

Volunteer Examples (but not limited to):

Coaching, assistant coaching, team manager, end of season tournament (Day of Lacrosse or Monster Mash), field painting, score table

There are opportunities to give back to this game by helping on the team level or league level.  If you are interested in volunteering at the league or team level, please email president@tvylax.com.

Are there employment opportunities? 

Officials: The lacrosse community is looking for youth officials for both boys and girls divisions.  If you are interested in learning how to officiate youth games, there is official’s training available through the Idaho Women’s Lacrosse Umpires Association for girls (email  ) or through the Idaho Lacrosse Officials Organization for boys (email  @gmail.com).

Field Managers:  TVYLL is looking for individuals to manage setting up and breaking down the bench area for each field area that we use during the regular season. Helping on the game fields does count towards your madatory volunteer hours! If you are interested in learning more about this function, please email info@tvylax.com.


Who Do I Contact?

Boys Issue or Question: Boys Director,  Travis Winslow - - - boysdirector@tvylax.com

Girls Issue or Question: Girls Director, Dennis Reak --- girlsdirector@tvylax.com

Refund/Payment Question: Bookkeeper, Kristi Halford --- bookkeeper@tvylax.com

Coach Issues/Concern: President, Jennifer Graham, president@tvylax.com

Volunteer Questions: Volunteer Coordinator, Rachel Erickson, volunteercoordinator@tvylax.com

General Questions/Concerns: League Director, Angela Tandy --- leaguedirector.tvyll@tvylax.com